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Will 360VirtualServices Ltd (360VSLTD) share my information?


We will not share your information, contact details or any other information relating to you or your location, without express permission. 


Will 360VSLTD use images taken during the course of the project they are undertaking on my behalf in any other way?


We may use some imagery for promotional purposes, however, this will be examined to ensure we are not identifying you or your location and business. We will contact you before doing so and we will ensure such data is redacted or changed to fictitious data, unless you wish your details to be shared.


How long will 360VSLTD retain data relating to me or the project undertaken on my behalf?


We will retain all data for a period of 36 months, after which the data relating to personal identification will be reviewed. Whilst some contact data will be retained (name, contact number and business) on a client database, no data relating to the work carried out, costs or interactions from you (emails etc) will be retained.


How long will you host my project?


The length of time that we will host a project will depend upon the type of project and your business. For example, projects relating to property sales, will typically be hosted for up to 12 months. For businesses such as residential homes, museums and resale we will typically host the project for up to 36 months. In any case, we will review projects with clients and if they wish to extend the hosting process beyond our normal time limits we can do so at a nominal charge.


Can I use the imagery and tours for any advertising or promotional projects relating to my business?


In short yes. Whilst 360VSLTD owns the copyright for all materials produced, we have clearly provided it to you for such use and we, therefore, allow you to use all the materials we have provided in advertising and promoting your business or services, providing acknowledgement to 360VSLTD is given. Such authority, however, does not extend to other third parties, without expressed and prior permission, in writing, from us.  This means that should you circulate imagery and tours to clients or other persons or agencies, they must not use it or any part thereof in any other form, without our permission.


So, I can use the material you supply, but do I own it?


The material supplied to you is licensed to you to use in perpetuity and this is included in the original cost of the project. However, the material is subject to copyright and intellectual ownership, which is held by 360VSLTD. 


Should you require clarification in respect to the above conditions or anything not covered, please contact us. We recognise that all cases are unique and thus we will endeavour to ensure you get the material you need in the way you need it, with sensible and sympathetic conditions. 

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